Thumblie not behaving correctly - exhibits wierd 512 x 1024 instead of Max 1024 x 1024


Tearing my hair out for days. Using Thumblie theme in Exhibeo 2.0.10 with all images used for slidehow set to original size with document settings set to Image Size: Max 1024 x 1024 but instead of getting 1024 by 1024, I’m getting a weird horizontal 512 x 1024 format for each image, truncating the image instead of fitting the images inside of 1024 x 1024 “box”. My images are both vertical and horizontal and can’t be cropped (for a high end art gallery). How can I fix this Exhibeo error? Opening new document, closing and reopening Exhibeo not fixing Exhibeo error either. Even reinstalling Exhibeo didn’t fix error. When I first started using Exhibeo there were no problems but now there are with the weird 512 x 1024 format. 12 hours spent today alone just preparing all the images and dropping them in, only to have this reoccurring issue.

Also, in a separate issue, although Exhibeo export works fine in Freeway with no issues (when it does work), the published result does not preview correctly in ANY version of Firefox, instead of showing image inline, it defaults to opening in a new window, even though “open in new window” is not ticked. Should not be opening in New Window in Firefox but does. Safari and Brave preview just fine, without incident.



Using Freeway Pro 7.1.4

Hi Iggy,

Try this: select the images after switching to the Images view (Images in the View menu) and choose Reset Image Transformations or Reset Thumbnail Transformations (depending on whether the images or thumbnails are being cropped) from the Image menu.

Sometimes images get cropped if you switch to a different theme and back.

I just tried viewing a Thumblie gallery in Firefox, and the images didn’t open in a new window for me. Admittedly, this was published from Xway rather than Freeway, but I don’t think that should make a difference. Do you have a link to your gallery that I can look at?


Hello Jeremy,

AMAZING solution to a problem I never thought would go away, thank you so much for such a quick reply and that Exhibeo is not some dead application with no support because I love it! I’ll share a link when the website I’m rebuilding ground-up finishes porting from an old provider to a new one. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the simple “reset” solution.


P.S. On an aside, I may try Xway when I’m brave enough and ACTIONS plus UPLOAD are added…I did kick the tires and it looks promising and beautifully designed but it felt unfamiliar and the menu was super tiny and hard for me to read. Didn’t see any preferences available to increase font/icon size in user interface. Also was having problems with not being able to move images or resize once imported (or quickly move page items around or intuitively change elements in the layout like in Freeway). And no contextual menu was available to quickly see if the imported image is somehow locked, etc - plus no amount of universal key stroke combinations allowed me to move the one image I imported, change it’s size or allowed me to import a new image like in Freeway. Grabbing the handles on the page elements did nothing. Guess I have to watch a tutorial…it’s not intutive for a WYSIWYG Freeway guy. I tried reading the User Guide but no visual examples were given. Maybe Xway is more for coders and developers than designers?

I’m surprised by this comment. Xway uses a standard Mac menu (menu text should be the same size as any other Mac application) and UI text in the Inspector panel and in dialogs is larger than UI text in Freeway’s Inspector palette (which had limited space).

Xway has built-in support for Exhibeo galleries, and for many of the things that Freeway supported via Actions.

The main difference between Xway and Freeway is that Xway is designed to create flexible layouts that will display on any device (phones, tablets, desktops etc.) Freeway can do this if you use inflow layout — but it’s more difficult because it wasn’t designed to be used in this way, and Freeway’s inflow layout is quite buggy. If you want to position items anywhere on a page, and you don’t care about flexible layout, you can use absolute-positioned boxes (“layers” in Freeway). One thing that Xway doesn’t support is table-based layout, which was deprecated over 20 years ago.

Import a new image: click on the image icon in the toolbar.

Replace an existing image: click on Replace in the Content section of the Box Inspector.

Upload: we’re working on this (it will be in a future version) but it’s not difficult to use a third-party upload program and there are some instructions in the User Guide.

There’s a step-by-step tutorial for Xway on our website. This shows how to create a simple flexible website.

Thank you for taking the time to explain at such length, Jeremy…is there a link to a video that visually demonstrates how to build a site in Xway with narration a la youtube or dailymotion? -Iggy

There isn’t, but if anyone would like to make a video tutorial they’re welcome to use our written tutorial as a basis for this!

10-4. Thanks much. When someone does, I’ll take a look. Appreciate it.

Hello Jeremy,

Photoswipe could stand to be my favorite theme in Exibeo, I love the clean look of how it organizes the thumbnails on the page. But how do I make it preview all my odd sized images at their exact dimensions like within Thumblie’s max size of 1024 x 1024 which does NOT crop my images but rather fits all my odd-sized images into the 1024 x 1024 size (without loss of any part of the images)? It would appear that Photoswipe can’t do that? I realize there are some “landscape” defaults in there but I’m not looking for 16:9 or 6:4, etc, I want NO loss of original image proportions at the 1024 x 1024 max size (just like within Thumblie).

Also, it would be cool to include the “radius” feature of Bloxx in Photoswipe and Thumblie.

In addition, Exhibeo should have a “save as” function instead of just “save” rather than picking up in the last “theme” you left off, it seems to autosave (which I’d like to turn off - not to be confused with creating an archive, I understand that). I want to be able to save my work in separate themes, while I’m working on an image extensive page for my Freeway site.

Thanks Very Much, I hope that makes sense,


Hi Jeremy. The Slideshow-Opening-In-A-New-Window problem was because I had a bunch of AD Blocks in place, this caused my site to break. Once I turned the AD Blocks off for the site I’m working on, slideshows are now performing beautifully (and not opening just the one image clicked in a new window). So if anyone has a similar problem, this was the fix for me with Firefox: turn off all your ad blocks for that site.

Thanks for creating Exhibeo, it’s making my site rebuild look great, which is heavily image-based.


Hi Iggy,

Photoswipe uses the same proportions for thumbnails and images, and because the thumbnails need to be fitted together, the theme uses a pre-defined aspect ratio (6x4, 16x9 etc.) This is also the reason why the Image Passthrough option is disabled for Photoswipe.

Exhibeo follows standard Mac document behaviour. Save As is an alternative to Duplicate in the File menu if you hold down the Option key. There used to be a way of reversing that behaviour (for all applications) so that Save As is the default, but I’m not sure if it still exists (it used to be somewhere in System Preferences). Autosave is another standard document feature that is provided by the system, and I don’t think it’s possible to turn it off. The standard way to duplicate a document in modern versions of macOS is to use Duplicate in the File menu (autosaving doesn’t interfere with that, or with Save As). Another standard feature of Mac document behaviour (in Exhibeo and other apps) is that you can revert to previous versions of a document (Revert in the File menu). The system automatically creates a new version whenever you manually save a document.

Thank you, Jeremy, yes, those have been my workarounds. Photoswipe would be awesome if the thumbnails could be set to square but the max image size could be set to “fit into” the 1024 x 1024 proportions like with Thumblie rather than chop off parts of image, especially when your images are all odd sizes and formats. I’m disheartened I can’t make that happen.

Anyway, thank you for all your hard work and creating some cool apps. Exhibeo really is a thing of beauty and intrinsically, there’s so much going on behind the scenes to make it work well, I love how it outputs everything in such a neat .xbExport package that works seamlessly with Freeway.

My wish is that I could have Photoswipe with the inherent flexibility of Thumblie and the ability to have transparency or at least curved “angles” like in Bloxx.

Say, I seem to remember you from the early days of Softpress? Did you write a lot of the actions back then or run the community? I still love Freeway, so intuitive and easy to use. If you like, I can share a link to my site when it’s finished. It’s almost entirely image based using Exhibeo and Freeway. Again, thank you for your kind response.


Hi Iggy,

Do share a link to your site when it’s finished.

I’ve been at Softpress since we started working on Freeway, so you may remember me from then!

Hi Jeremy,

I thought so…you helped me often back then, I was there from the beginning as well! :]

I will share link when completed.