Thumblie photo description text placement

HI all
I have a question about the text under the images when enlarged… at this point the text is hanging at the bottom of browser window . any way to fix that? thanks

Hi Carla,

Do you mean the gallery captions? E.g. " Totoro calls for the Catbus in the Royal Shakespeare Company production of My Neighbour Totoro. (THIS PHOTO IS NOT PERMITTED TO BE SHARED PUBLICLY)"

I’m not sure that I can see what you are describing (I’ve looked in Safari). The text gets bigger if I choose Zoom In from the View menu, or if I hold down Option and choose Make Text Bigger, and sometimes it wraps across several lines.

The titles and captions (and controls) are aligned with the bottom of the window, and I don’t think there’s an easy way to change this. But you can create some space between the captions / titles and the bottom of the window by changing the Padding value in the Controls section of the Theme Inspector (displayed when you choose Customize Theme from the toolbar).

thx Jeremy

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