Truncated Layer Names in Intaglio 3.9.5


I echo everybody’s hope that Intaglio resurrects.

Until then, I have an apparent bug in the latest version: the names of layers in the Layers Panel are truncated at 16 characters.

This is a serious problem because some of my files have dozens of layers with similar names, that are up to 40 characters long (which previous versions of Intaglio showed without trouble).

Can anyone:

  1. confirm that they do or don’t have this problem on 3.9.5, and give your OS version (mine is 10.13.6, High Sierra).

  2. suggest a workaround or solution if you have one.

It’s possible to read each full name as a tooltip hover, but this is too painfully slow to try to compare names in the list.

I won’t be able to use Intaglio anymore unless this is solved. Otherwoise it still works, as always. Amazing.


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Catalina 10.15.7 and have 20 character layer names with no problem.

Suggest reading the comments about replacements to Intaglio, it’s not coming back (or it certainly seems. If it does it will be an iOS type app).

You say latest version, but it hasn’t changed in years, so others would have had the problem.

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