Tutorial question and can I recreate my simple freeway site closely in Xway

I have placed hero image in the main container. Changed it’s width to 100%. The Main box has 2% padding on each side but the picture does not sit central within the main box. (see attached) What have I missed?
Can anyone tell me how closely I can recreate my website that was created in freeway Pro. Its fully flexible at the moment.
It works OK but is quite old now and just wanted to know if its worth putting in the effort that Xway will be able to match it. Do I need anything else? How do you do slideshows? I have them running in an action on my old site on the home page. I wanted to change it up a bit but still need these functions. What are the page transitions like in Xway. Do they just have a harsh jump from one page to the other?


Hi Martin,

Check you haven’t added any padding (or margins) to the hero-image box (in addition to the padding on main).

Xway takes a different approach to flexible layout, compared with Freeway. In Freeway, you work with different media breakpoints and create what are essentially different layouts for each breakpoint. This can be a lot of work. Xway’s approach is to create layouts that are inherently flexible.

The easiest way to create a slideshow is to use Exhibeo. Exhibeo slideshows can be imported as Xway components.

Xway has a menu object that doesn’t require you to set up a list, but it doesn’t support hierarchical menus. My view is that non-hierarchical menus are much easier to use, and that if you need multiple levels of navigation it’s better to follow Apple’s example (apple.com website) and have a secondary line of navigation links.

Also: Xway runs on the latest version of macOS, and is regularly updated. Freeway is legacy software that was created in a different time and was originally designed to create sites that are viewed on a computer screen rather than on mobile devices.

Thanks for the Reply.
If you can not now replicate hierarchical menus in Xway.
How should you tackle menus within menus. I would need a “Gallery” menu then Different Galleries listed within that menu.
With regards to Apple’s secondary line of navigational links. This second line does not appear until you click on the first menu link. Can you replicate this functionality in Xway at the moment?
I have worked through the tutorials, and looked through the Guide but can’t find any other information on it.
Many thanks

I think that what I would do is to use multiple master pages (not possible in Freeway):

  1. Have a top-level master page with a global menu (e.g. master1)
  2. Have some second-level master pages that derive from this master page, and contain a secondary line of links (e.g. galleryMaster, aboutMaster, etc.), in addition to the global menu that derives from the top-level master page. The line of links can be a box containing text links.
  3. Have instance gallery pages that derive from galleryMaster