Two links that will increase my quality of answers

Hi guys,

for longer time now, I subscribed the

Mostly - I click em away as so much these days, but not without a quick glimpse on it.

Today is one of those, I decided to bookmark. I already saw the video but lost it somehow. I LOVE it:

Furthermore I recognized the daily changing “You may like” section down the page. 7 Germans words you guys should add into your portfolio - perhaps.

You may know:

“In german language, there is always a word for it”. This is one of the most complicated thing in the german/english conversion. You have kind of description - we’ve got the word. And somehow they won’t fit straight to the point. And that’s why “german-english” sounds sometimes so quirky and rrrrrough.

So you may think this is a Schnapsidee ?

Let’s wait and see.



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