Unconventional Drop Down Menus

I’ve just been hired to do a website for a guy who is definitely a PCer.

He wants me to create similar dropdown menus on his site as you would expect to see in Microsoft Excel if cells are consolidated.

This will be tough for me to explain but I will do my best.


There will be a “+” on the left of each word in the drop down menu.

You can expand each word so that all of the categories can be expanded at once, or you could do them one at a time.

If the “+” is clicked, it will expand the subcategories under the main category. The “+” has to be clicked again in order for the subcategories to disappear.

For a visual…

If you had


--------- Press Coverage

--------- Downloads




------------Upcoming events



Anyone who can prescribe an action or method that would allow this would get infinite kudos.


Some of the menus above are expanded, some are not. All of them link to another page.

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