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I have a friend/client with no budget (sound familiar?) who wants to be able to update content on a page on his advocacy website. I’ve inherited this project from some Indian developers who have gone AWOL and am trying to help my friend to cross the finish line with his project. My friend doesn’t have the budget, and I don’t have the time, for a CMS of any type so I need a “quick and dirty” solution. I’ve played around with the idea of generating the content in Word, saving it as a web page, and enabling the client to upload the page via an FTP client pointing to the website. My first try consisted of using an iframe (in a markup item) to pull in the Word html page, which you can see here:

The problem is that any links open within the iframe which we don’t want. Ideally I’d like to incorporate an include that references the Word html page so it’s not within an iframe and so that links open as full pages. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

One way to get the iframe trick to work is if you can set the links in the Word document to have the links in that document have a target of _top. I don’t know if that’s possible, but that would let you use that trick.




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Hm. I could to it in textmate (or similar) but I don’t think Word does that. I’d need to find a way for my friend to do it without my involvement.

Hi Richard – I think this is your answer: use a <base> tag in the head of the parent page that has the target attribute set to “_parent”. The base tag defines the base URL, so all links will be prepended with that.

This will of course muck about with other links, but if this fix solves the main headache them maybe the effort to make the other links play nicely will be worth it.