Updated Menu Items on Home Page....Not Updating Elsewhere

Added new page to an existing site. All menus and submenus are set to Master Settings and Content.

However, no pages update their menus to include this new page. Am I missing something obvious? I have tried all I know to “publish all”, ensure pages are set to use Master settings, etc…

Hi Matt,

Have you added a link to the new page in the CSS Menus box on your master page? The thread title suggests you’ve done this on the home page rather than on the master page.

Good question…I assumed my home page was the master page. Will check.

Currently loosing my mind as when I try to host the site - lots of graphics are ,missing…

Missing graphics - this is usually an upload problem. Are you uploading from Freeway or with a third-party application?

Using FileZilla. What’s very strange is that when I open the project, I get no warnings about missing graphics. When I try to preview or publish…it says many are missing.

I went as far as pulling an older version via Time Machine and uploaded…all is OK. Until…I make a change to the site and try to upload again. Things are missing.

What’s really strange is LOTS of graphics are supposedly missing…but showing in the projects resources folder…

The currently un-edited version is at khauto.com

I don’t have much experience with FileZilla, but the best way to upload with a third-party application is:

  1. Choose File Copy upload from Freeway’s Upload dialog, and export the site to a local folder (choose an empty folder the first time you do this). This will contain all the files that need to be uploaded.
  2. Use the Synchronize command in an FTP application to synchronise this folder with your online folder. Cyberduck and Transmit have this command, and it’s possible that FileZilla has something similar.

Using a Synchronize command will guarantee that the online folder contains all the HTML and resource files and folders that you need to upload. Uploading files manually is error-prone, and you should avoid doing this if at all possible.

There is a separate “missing images” issue that can happen when publishing. If Freeway is unable to find some of the images that have been imported into a document, it will put up a warning to say that preview images (embedded within the document) will be used instead. The quality may be lower, but the images will not actually be missing when you preview or upload.