Upgrading Actions for Freeway 6

A number of third party Actions will need to be updated before they can be used with Freeway 6. Freeway 6 will copy the Actions that you have installed for use with Freeway 5 or 5.5 when launched for the first time, but the following Actions should be updated before opening existing documents.

Any Actions listed in this article will not function correctly in Freeway 6 until the updates have been downloaded. Please note that this may not contain every Action that needs to be updated, and you should check if there are updates available for any Actions you have installed. You can find the Actions you have installed by launching Freeway and selecting Actions from the Edit menu, looking for Actions listed under the "User" section.

The following is a list of Actions known to require an update along with a link to where they can be downloaded. Any Actions marked by an asterisk (*) will require contacting the Action author and a link to their contact page has been provided.