Uploading Issue

Greetings Softpress Braintrust! I have a problem I can’t solve and it only recently started happening. Let me preface by saying I’m not very tech savvy and have no understanding of coding and such (which is why this software is the best for me!)

I am a full-time drummer/educator and my website is the hub of my business. I offer free transcriptions in the form of PDF downloads. When I do a new transcription, I add is as a resource, publish and open my export folder.

I would drag the PDF file into the resource file of my public_html folder then drag the .html page with the added transcription via Cyberduck.

The change is reflected when I preview the site in Xway but not on my actual site. This used to work flawlessly. My fear is I’m missing something stupid and hoping you all can shed some light.

Thanks in advance!

Here is the link to my transcription page:


Hi sweetrock83,

I don’t see any errors on the page you linked to, so I guess the problem is that it’s showing an old version of the page. Did you use Xway’s Export command to update the exported site folder before you uploaded from it?

The simplest way to upload with Cyberduck is to use its Synchronise command to synchronise your exported site folder with your online folder. There are some instructions on how to do this in the Xway User Guide. It’s easy to make mistakes if you’re uploading files manually.

We’re working on adding an Upload command to the next version of Xway, so this should be easier in future!

I did not use that export command! I just published it, saved it opened the site folder from Xway and dragged and dropped the two items.

I better go look at the Help file for Cyberduck. I can’t wait for the upload feature in Xway. I loved it in Freeway!

Thanks again as always for your expeditious response Jeremy!

I think I messed up the Synchronize process. What file should I be synchronizing to? Should it be my Site folder or am I to create a new folder?

You want to synchronise the exported Site folder (File/Show Export Folder in Xway) with your online (public_html) folder.

Before doing that, you should update the export folder (File/Export… in Xway).

Thank you very much!:pray: