Uploading website

My website looks good and is ready to upload. I did it via Cyberduck, with help from my web host, but it now shows an earlier version of what I did in xway, with some problems I had corrected and without the background images. What’s going on?

Did you publish again in Xway before uploading? What you see in the interface only gets updated to the document bundle when you publish. I don’t see any errors that would happen if your background image was missing – the background color is set to silver, and that’s what I see in a browser.


Yes, the silver background was a few tries back. I have had a background image and saved it through several tweaks of the site. But it didn’t make it when I uploaded. It looks like I uploaded a version from two weeks ago instead of my latest version.

Right. What I’m trying to explain (badly) is that saving the Xway file is not the same thing as updating the site files that will be uploaded. In order to do that, you have to choose File / Publish from the main menu. Then upload again.


I published again and uploaded again, but nothing changed. What uploads is not what I have on xway.

That’s very odd. How are you getting the reference to the published files in order to upload? Try File / Show Site Folder, and make sure that that is the same folder you have in the “left” side of CyberDuck. It’s possible that you changed the publish directory inadvertently, and you are focused on a stale version of it in CD.


I believe I have done it the way you suggested.

I don’t use CyberDuck myself, so I don’t know if this is possible, but in the left pane, in the file listing, does it show the modification dates of the files there? If you click on index.html, do you see any way to get that information? Maybe it will be in File / Get Info, the way it would be in Finder. Let’s see if we can figure this out that way.


The other possibility that suggests itself is that you are not uploading into the correct location on your server. If you look in the right pane of CyberDuck, what directory on your server is it showing you?

There should be a picker that lets you change directories all the way up to / (top of the tree) and that will either correspond to the actual top of the filesystem (if you have sufficient privileges to see that) or your user account in /home/your_account_name if you are a usual user of a shared server.

In either case, your site files will probably go in a directory named public_html or http_files or https_files or some other alias for that idea. Since you’ve already uploaded there once, it’s not going to be enough to look at what’s in that directory to determine where you are. But looking at the name of the directory that’s listed on the right side of CyberDuck will be helpful to this effort.


I uploaded under direction from tech support at my web host.

If you create a new page in your Xway document, then publish and upload, are you able to visit that page? E.g. create a page with the filename test.html and try visiting http://www.leocav.com/test.html after uploading.

I tried that and got “error 404 - not found”.

Here is a screen shot. My site on xway is in the background. In the foreground is the site folder and have tried both uploading and synchronizing. On the internet, it looks like an early draft without the background images.

What do you see if you open one of the HTML files that you are uploading? It should look just like when you preview in Xway, except in your browser.

It does sound like you may be uploading to the wrong part of your storage space. Check the file upload path bit by bit; it’s quite possible you’re uploading to the wrong spot, such as not in the ‘web root’. Easily done, especially the way some hosts set up the file path structure!

When I open one of the HTML files, it looks like what I have uploaded, which I don’t want. It appears that the files I want have been saved elsewhere. When I open the site on xway, I get what I want, as when I preview it in a browser or “View web preview” from a button at the top of the page.

It looks like I am almost there. I renamed some pages and have it mostly uploaded. Still having a few issues with sound files on one page, but I have some ideas… Thanks everybody for your help.