User/Non-User Comments for Articles

Have a look at Disqus. It’s implemented on your site using JavaScript, so basically you will put a Markup Item where you want the comment area to appear, and paste in some simple code, and publish. All the login and authentication (and badwords stripping and everything else) is done on their servers, for free.

The down-side to this, naturally, is you lose control of your data. If the comments are an important part of your business model (or your clients’) then consider carefully the trade you are making here. If you want to have absolute control over the comments, then look on for something written in PHP/MySQL or similar that you can install on your server. Integration in Freeway will not be as simple, but that’s the trade between a service and a software solution.

If you really get stuck, contact me off-list – I’ve written quite a number of these (including the site you’re using right now to view this mailing list, assuming you’re coming here through the Web).


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