Using a Marquee in Freeway

There are two meanings to the word "marquee" - one is the display of a moving line of HTML text, the other describes how to select multiple items with a "selection marquee". This latter term is simply the method of clicking and dragging the mouse over or around a group of items with the Select tool (chosen in Freeway's tool bar). You will see a grey selection box while you click and drag and, when the mouse button is released, any items which were dragged over will be selected.

This article is, however, to do with the way to create a marching line of characters which, in HTML, is known as a "marquee".

A marquee can only be used in Freeway as a "markup item", and you will need to type the code manually - but this is very simple to do. Go to Insert>Markup item to display the HTML Markup dialog box. In the main pane of the dialog box enter the following:

<marquee>Type in the words you want to display in the marquee</marquee>

and then click OK. This will place an HTML item on your page with <H> in the top left corner (which signifies that it is a markup item). There is no "live preview" available in Freeway, but you can see it working when you preview the page in a browser.

Note that marquee text will, by default, move horizontally from right to left and that it always waits for the last text to move out of the marquee area before it starts again. Marquees will always repeat over and over.

You can control the length of the marquee area which displays the text on your page by simply adjusting the width of the item in Freeway.

As with all other HTML markup items, Freeway Express users can add styling (font, color, size, etc.) by using the item "in-flow" within another HTML item. To do this, first you need to create the marquee item by following the method above. When you've made the marquee item, select it and go to Edit>Cut. Draw a new HTML item on your page, type a space, go to Edit>Paste, type another space, go to Edit>Select All then add whatever styling you want from the Inspector. Now preview in a browser to see the marquee working with the new text styling. If you want to edit the styling later, note that you need to click inside the HTML item and go to Select All to apply the new styling.

Freeway Pro users can either use the method above, or they can apply a pre-determined CSS text style to the item.

Making the Marquee text move left to right

You can make the marquee text move from left to right. To do this, you simply need to use <marquee direction=right> (ie, instead of just <marquee>) in front of the text you want to appear when you type the code into the markup item. This means that when you type inside the markup item you need to enter

<marquee direction=right>Type in the words you want to display in the marquee</marquee>

Note that the end marquee tag remains the same as the original.

Other Attributes to use with a Marquee

There are many different options for the behavior of marquees - one common option controls the speed of the marquee text as it scrolls and another determines whether it scrolls back and forth without disappearing off the ends. If you want to add multiple attributes to the marquee you need only type a space and then enter the new attribute (always leaving the end marquee tag the same).

To control the speed of the marquee you need to use the attribute scrollamount=x (where x is the speed of the scrolling text). The default is 6, so any lower number will slow down the marquee and any higher number will speed it up. Try typing the following into a markup item to see it working:

<marquee direction=right scrollamount=25>Type in the words you want to display in the marquee</marquee>

To make the marquee text move backwards and forwards, use the attribute behavior=alternate (note that the direction it starts off is governed by the direction attribute). Try typing the following into a markup item to see it working"

<marquee direction=right behavior=alternate>Type in the words you want to display in the marquee</marquee>