Using "absolute" path names for HTML email graphic links for use by an email marketing service

Note: This article is for Freeway users sending their HTML email files off to an email marketing service. If you are using Apple's Mail to send out the emails yourself, you don't need to use the method below.

Because there isn't a Freeway Action which currently does this, perhaps the best way to ensure your graphics have absolute path names (rather than Freeway's usual "relative" path names) is to use the HTML "base" tag in your page head.

To do this, first go to your Freeway page, go to Page>HTML Markup, set the Insert popup to "After <head>" and type the following code into the main pane:

<base href="" >

You will need to change "YourDomain" to the name of the domain name you're uploading to, and change "TheFolderYouUseOnYourServer" to the name of the directory/folder you upload to on your server.

Once you've entered the correct info for domain and directory, click OK to close the HTML Markup dialog.

This will ensure that all your internal file paths will now be forced to be absolute links which are pointing to the name of the folder you upload the files to on your server.