using FVL Player with Freeway Pro 5.5

On 17 Sep 2010 I received this message from Jo Billings related to a questions about using FVL Player with Freeway Pro 5.5:

Joe Billings17 Sep 2010, 10:05 am
[Pro] FLV Player Controls in 5.5 missing???
Hi Dan, You will need to use the old version of the Action http://www.actionsforge.= com/actions/view/190-flv-player until we can rectify the issue in the new version.


I have the same problem now and wonder if the problem with the player has been fixed for the latest version Pro 5.5.4?

Also what will be the best way to convert the movie for Freeway usage and with what program? also what format will be best?
And if I use the flush player how can I get different looks and controls? Freeway offers just one option (Quick time) and that is so ugly
and unpractical.

A lot of questions above. Thanks for taking the time to answer.


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