Using Preformatted Text in Freeway

Preformatted text in HTML is wrapped with <pre> tags. The browser displays it with a monospaced font and allows multiple spaces to appear as typed, rather than collapsing all multiple spaces to a single space as is normal in HTML.

To do this in Freeway Pro:
  1. Open the Styles and Colors palette
  2. Double click on the Ay icon
  3. Click the + at the bottom left of the Edit Styles dialog that appears
  4. Type "pre" without quotes in the Tag field
  5. Add a color to the style too, this needs to be done to force the style to work
  6. Click Ok
  7. Select the text you want to be preformatted and click the "pre" style you just created in the Styles and Colors palette
By previewing the page you will see the preformatted text, spaces and all!