Using the Google AdSense Action

Make some extra money from your site with advertising. Use the Google AdSense Action to place advertisements on your pages. Each time one of these advertisements is clicked you will receive some money into your Google AdSense account. The Action provides a simulated preview in the application so you can see what the adverts will look like when the site is live*.

For more information about how the service works, and to register your site, visit the AdSense website. Once you have registered, Google will check their site to make sure that it conforms with their regulations. When this process is complete - which can take a few days - they will send out a confirmation email containing a link to your account on the AdSense site. Login to the site and go to the "My Account" page to get your AdSense code - you only need the ID that will look like this: "pub-ABC123456789".

To create an AdSense item on your page:

  1. Click and hold on Actions in the toolbar and select Google AdSense
  2. Draw the AdSense item where you want it to appear on the page
  3. Open the Actions palette by selecting Actions from the Window menu
  4. Enter your AdSense ID ("pub-ABC123456789") in the AdSense Code field
  5. Choose the size of ad you want from the Size pulldown
  6. Choose the type of ad you want from the Ad type pulldown. Choices here are Text Ads Only, Text and Images or Image Ads Only
  7. Choose from the list of Appearance options which colors you would like. Note: the colors are fixed by Google, if you choose a color that is unsupported it will change to the nearest color available in the set
*The adverts Freeway shows are fictional and should not be seen as an endorsement for any coincidentally similar product or service.