Validation of website and php

Hi all,

Out of interest I’ve just sent a page of a website I’ve been working
on to the validator.

It fails on all the links that I’ve used on the menus to select the
product to be displayed. (It’s all served from a MySQL database using

I’ve used the CSS menu action along with the “PHP Text Link with
Query” action to add the link to the end of the url.
Basically because the “&” character isn’t entity encoded, the
validation fails.

Is there any way these links can be entity encoded using the “PHP Text
Link with Query” action, or would it be easier not to use the action,
but to have an html include on each of the links with the correct
“&” encoding.
I haven’t tried using html includes with the CSS menu action, but I
think it would work, although to update this site would take a while.
(Lots of products).

Is this the way to go to get the page validated?

Whilst writing this email a thought occurred to me which led me to
update the “PHP Text Link with Query” action by adding the entity
encoding “&amp” instead of “&” in the
“function pjdBuildQuery( s , myQueryPortion )”
I republished the site and validated it and now, instead of 107
errors, I get only 13! A vast improvement.

Interesting how asking a question can sometimes lead to a solution.