Vanishing images

In the past week or so, new images – small PNG or JPG files aren’t showing on my web pages when viewed in any browser. They appear in Preview, and I can see they have been uploaded correctly (I’ve used two different FTPs in case one wasn’t uploading properly). I can copy and paste existing images around the site, but no new ones are visible.
I thought at first there might be problems with the images themselves, but they work OK with my other sites. Any thoughts?
The web page I’ve been trying out options is:
Screenshot attached

Trying a few things, I found the missing images in a folder called “Resources”. The references in the HTML all point to them in a folder called “resources” which is where the other images are.

It looks like you’ve ended up with two folders (“resources” and “Resources”) and the new images have been uploaded to the wrong one. Perhaps “Resources” exists from a previous version of the website made using Freeway.

Uploading the new images to the “resources” folder should fix the missing images.

I haven’t had to trot out this bit of trivia in a long time, but Mac OS is “case preserving but not case sensitive”. You will find that you cannot create two folders (or files) that are distinguished only by case on your Mac. But your Unix or Linux Web server will have no such trouble. If you are uploading into the very same “public” folder that your Freeway document did, you should probably use your (S)FTP application to clean that folder out entirely before uploading from Xway.


Thanks, a simple answer, about the only thing I didn’t think about!
I use two ‘resources’ folders as there are some pages on all my sites that are still constructed in Freeway – a page with a shopping cart, Freeway Actions like PHP Easyform and WebYep, things that aren’t available on Xway yet, but are essential for my sites. These are uploaded from Freeway and have their own resources folder. These pages are linked using a full URL rather than a page link – nobody who uses the site would notice (or care).