vent 2

I just want to vent a minute about certain clients.

I am sorry but I think you guys should understand this and how do you handle this…

I get work through a copy store locally. This was our first job “together”

the lady came in on the 1st, asked for a 1 page site w info nothing big asap
did not get any info to us until the 3rd.

I had the basic one page that she wanted by that next morning
( I know the layout had much to be desired - but her choice)

THere was a problem w the video player - thanks to you guys it was fixed within 24 hours of notification of the issue (still less than 48 hrs of receiving the info she wanted in.

5 days later (from receiving the info)- she changed what she wanted - she wanted pictures added and to be able to edit the info…
of course then the server went down… ugh

By FRi / sat everything was done - thanks to Max and Webyep.

The price (150) she got was for a 1 page static info - wo the pictures and the webyep. and was not charged for the changes (except the webyep license fee)

I had exactly what she wanted in a timely manner. and added what she wanted quickly except webyep - had to have tech support to do it on an accordion

Thank you for letting me vent.

How would you guys handle this? WOuld you give her a refund also?


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