[VID][REL] Meta Tags in Pro and Express


Runtime: 6min, 9 seconds

Today I’m releasing a screen-cast on entering META tags into both your Freeway Pro and Express documents that can be used to help describe and promote your published web pages. Although the Google giant has re-written the book on the dying Meta Tags, there are still a few tags you can use that won’t affect your search-ability, in-fact it may help it. This screen-cast covers the basics of META tags, what they are, what they look like, and how you can use them to create a professional looking indexed website in either Freeway Pro or Express.

Although Google has re-written the book, they haven’t authored it completely. Meaning that other major search engines still use META tags and have their own methods as far as rankings and page views. It doesn’t hurt to have them in there and as mentioned in the screen-cast there are ways to effectively work together.

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