[VID] WebYep Episode One and Two

At my website, DanJasker.com, there are two episodes that begin the process of building an entire website from a blank Freeway Document all the way through to a finished product at the end of the series.

The first episode gets WebYep installed on your server and then the second episode starts the building process. If you’ve ever been interested in watching a Photoshop file be sliced up and measured into a Freeway document then this series may the thing for you. Included in the second episode is a sample FW document and a JPG of the concept design used in the screencast.

I hope you’ll follow along as we build an entire website into a finished project for a real organization.

Visit the ScreenCast Store at (Website is under construction) to read about the series and also for those who have watched the series, make sure to leave a review of what you thought to receive a special prize. Who wouldn’t love a free prize?

Thanks and enjoy!

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