Warning HaveHost

Please take note, a precautionary …

Have Host, we all know, our James, offers hosting as Have Host @

I have just been caught-out going [in error] to www.havehost.com this
takes you to a completely different place an outfit with a UK base in an
East London flat and also Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My first attempt to contact Jame’s Zen customer contact form continually
failed. I then did search for Have Host when I got the second website I
initially thought James had a makeover of his website and subsequently
spent time yesterday contacting them … for them only to say that I had
no account with them …

In a “morning” clear thinking moment when searching emails I realised
the address was different!

Best wishes Peter

Peter Tucker . Oxford, UK . email@hidden

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Last I checked, it seems that James is no longer using the Zendesk support site. I think the best way to contact him is via his gmail address (havehost@) or perhaps one of the other ones he has such as the mac.com address with the same username, but I haven’t tried that account in a while.


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