Way off topic but.... Cooper River bridge poster contest

TO all my FW friends,

I took a moment to enter a design contest for the cooper river bridge run. I have entered 2 posters.

They are asking the public to vote from 7/12 - 7/15

My 2 design entries are 30 & 31.

I would gratefully appreciate your vote.

There is heavy competition in this years group. The top 5 then goes to the board of the Bridge Run to vote.

I Had a lot of fun doing this and would love to be one of winners. I did 2 complete opposite designs. They are looking for one that would be good for both a T-shirt and a poster. IF they don’t find one - they will then choose one for a t-shirt and one for the poster.

The second one (31) I made I feel fits both with colors of the sunrise and water colors in the letters and white space for sponsor logos.

here is the direct link to the survey


I think by doing the direct link you can vote numerous times. - I was able to vote 2x

but to see all the works - http://www.bridgerun.com

Thank you again!


PS please share this and ask your friends / family to vote for mine also :smiley: Thank you for your support!

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