Web Fonts Action?

It used to be a no-brainer to activate the web fonts action to my text, but that was a few years ago. Now I cannot seem to activate it or find it. I thought this was an action that was built in. I have the latest version of Freeway Pro 7. Attached are two action windows. What am I doing wrong?



Hi Robert,

I think this is one of Tim Plumb’s Actions, and I believe it is a Page Action rather than an Item Action (your first screenshot shows Item Actions). Perhaps you need to select the page first?

It’s also possible to add web fonts via the Page Markup dialog.

Hey Jeremy, it does not seem to be a Page Action either. How would I go about adding the font via the Page Markup dialog? I am working on a Mexican Taqueria website and the font I was hoping to use is “Viva Mexico, cabrones”.

I tried looking for Tim Plumb’s Freeway Actions on the net and could not find anything. Is there a way that a member can send me a copy of the action?



The following code adds Montserrat as a web font:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat">

To add a different web font, change the value of href to the appropriate font link, and add it in the Page Markup dialog, choosing Before </head> as the place to add it.

Wow, cool! Going on Google to see if they have the font I am looking for and if not, there I know there will be something close to it. Thanks!

I would still love to have a copy of the action if anyone could send me one, please.


Bummer, I am not able to find a link to either of the fonts I have loaded on the Macs.

If anyone could send me a copy of the Web Fonts Actions, I sure would appreciate it.



Remember – a Web font is different than a Mac font. Even if you had the Action, it wouldn’t give you a way to put the Mac font on the server and have it be used by a random visitor.


None of my fonts are a “Mac” font. They are on my Mac in the Font Book, thousands of them. And the Web Font Freeway Action always was here before and worked fine. I do not understand why it is not anywhere to be found now.

Maybe if I go back to old archives on the external drives I can find it and bring it over to this Mac.



I don’t have the Web Fonts Action, but I should think that what it does is to allow you to specify a web-font URL without having to add it in Page Markup. As Walter said, it wouldn’t give you a way to host fonts that you have on your Mac so that they can be seen by people viewing your site. There are also licence issues in hosting fonts that aren’t licensed to be used in this way.

There are various sites that have the “Viva Mexico, cabrones” font you mention, and it is said to be free for personal (non-commercial) use, but I haven’t seen any sites that make it available as a web font.

I haven’t found any Mexican-looking Google fonts, but the following link will show you fonts that are designed to be used as display fonts:

Google display fonts

Ok, I had to dig out an old hard drive and moved a website I had not used since 2018 that is using the Web Fonts Action from the hard drive over to my older Mac that can still run Freeway.

I left the website I have been working on open in Freeway Pro 7 and then opened the old website. Then I copied the text field that had the Web Fonts Action and pasted it into a HTML text field on the new site. The web font action immediately showed up!

I just tested this across nine web browsers and they are all showing the needed font!

Thanks again for helping me to figure this out.


Do you have a link to a page which uses this font? Browsers that are on your Mac should not have any problem displaying fonts that are on your Mac, but browsers that are on other people’s devices cannot display fonts that don’t exist on those devices - unless they are provided as web fonts (which the browser can download when the page is loaded).

You can use any font in graphic text (ignoring licensing issues), but that’s different.

There are web-font generators which will convert fonts into web fonts - if you are legally entitled to do that (many fonts have quite restrictive licences).