Website slow speed

Everybody complains that my website is terribly slow, and it’s true. Unless you already have it in your browser cache I think, but maybe I am totally wrong…
What can I do to make my website faster?
On my Mac it works ok, but it’s my computer and I have a super fast fibre.
Should I choose “progressive” in the dialogue window of the graphic element?
A slideshow would maybe be faster to upload than the scrolling galleries I have now?
To be honest, the slideshow aspect is what I never liked of Freeway, though I am using it since 2007. Also Exhibeo didn’t have a real flexible choice of options for photographers.

I think an Exhibeo slideshow or gallery would be faster. Exhibeo 2 has more options than version 1 did.

Going back to the question of why, there are a number of factors that could be involved. One is the size of the images. Individually, they don’t seem unreasonably large, but your galleries contain a number of full-size images, so the collective size is fairly large. You could try using the progressive option. This won’t reduce the time it takes to display the images at full resolution (it could make it slightly longer), but it will allow people to see low-resolution versions before the full image has downloaded. Another factor could be the speed of the server where your website and images are hosted. I have a reasonably fast connection, but the images draw slowly in my browser unless they have been cached on a previous visit.