WebYep Horizontal Menu with Dropdowns

I have just seen that OBD have released a horizontal menu example with all the appropriate css styles already written.
This could be used to create a horizontal menu within freeway and so all you would need is to adjust the styles to suit your website design,
You would need to reference the style sheet in the head of the HTML published page, but this can be done by using my separate action for freeway called: Script Maker & Linker from here:

What you do is

  1. Designate a new page within the freeway site panel on the left hand side, to be a new css sheet sheet and apply the Script Doc.Creator action to that new page - (pleases note this specific page need to be set to HTML output of 3.2 in the inspector palette (this will just effect this page and have no effect with the general set up of your document)

  2. Then open up the horizontal_menu.css file using a text editor this file can be found within the HMenu example which can be downloaded from here:
    and paste all the styles which are in the horizontal_menu.css, file into the popup window which is activated by pressing the large filed button within the Script Doc.Creator action.

  3. Then rename the page within the inspector palette: horizontal_menu.css - Please note the page extension of css and not the default of html.
    It is at this point that Freeway will now publish all the styles in the correct order, the next job is to reference this style sheet in the head of the page which you have placed WebYep Menu on and add a class to the WebYep Menu

  4. Navigate to the page which you intend to use the WebYep menu and using the Script Doc.Linker page action, apply it to this page. You should now see a list of pages which you can link to and just choose the horizontal_menu.css from the drop-down list

  5. Finally you need to add a class to the WebYep menu and you do this by clicking on the WebYep menu box and using extended via:
    then click on the second tab

    and in the popup window add this:
    within the Name field:class
    and within the Value field:MyMenu

Thats it… it’s a bit of a long winded way to get all the styles into Freeway but its a heck of a lot of styles and its the only way to guarantee that Freeway does not re-order any of the styles plus you still have the ability to adjust individual styles to your linking within Freeway

Obviously at some point I will be updating the existing menu styler so it is able to write for either a vertical or horizontal style configuration but that wont be until the next big release so for the moment this is how I would recommend getting those style into Freeway…

All the best max

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