What do you think of Webp?

Thought I would forward this to this forum as there might be some uses amongst us…


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Hello Frank,

I will release tomorrow a beta with webp import and export.

But one important note: the webp format does not support storing of any
metadata. So, you have to add any copyright data into the image.


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I have heard some discussion on and downloaded a plugin for Photoshop for
saving files as Webp but I don’t seem to get a result (am not able to -no
option) save any thing as such.

I wondered as I didn’t see it in the options in GC if there was any reason.
The size of webp files is said to be 30-40% smaller to comperable jpeg and png
files - conversion is available.

Thanks in advance for your answer, plugin is attached.


I released a new beta.
Please check:

Thorsten Lemke

New features
webp import and export added (Intel only)
option to display position and color at the bottom of the image window added
merge folder into one image with algorithm max added
import options for camera import added
Recent Browsers submenu added
Dock menu addition added
Apple-Touch-Icon export support for all sizes added
cycle through windows command added
option to scale up little previews added
option to show hidden files in the browser added
option to show all files exept raws added
option to turn off text antialising added
clipboard support for putting as TIFF and PNG added
reload option to slideshow added
copy transparent with background color option added
context menu entry added to remove drop area items
Updated features
note added before opening more than 10 files from the browser
find and replace of colors dialog allows to click into the image to set the colors
wpg import improved
move folder command in slideshow will change to the next image after a successfull move
memory and color display in info palette improved
details display (number of files, display size) added to slideshow
Hagens manual updated (English and German)
exif tool updated
backspace/delete key support added to the slideshow
poster frame for movies is now taken at 10% after the beginning
print catalog much enhanced
shift+cursor key does move a selection in 5 pixel steps
plist updated for the Finder

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Is webP on FWP7 available? Unfortunately I’ve installed 7 in my vacations. I could not test it… Or can I reinstall it to see how it goes?

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