What is happening with Xway?

As I haven’t heard anything for ages about the progression of Xway it would be very much appreciated to get at least some information as to the way forward, perhaps even with some kind of timeline.

I fully understand some secrecy towards the outside world is necessary, but it will be useful for us as users to know if a fully working application will actually see the light of day.

Thank you,

Hi Jon,

We’ve been releasing new versions every six months or so.

We released a new version (b7) a few months ago, and we will be releasing another new version (b8) in the next month or so.

Xway is a fully working application already. It’s a beta version because we’re not charging for it yet - but the code is release-quality (not buggy). It has a number of features that aren’t in Freeway (Flexible Box Layout, multiple master pages, etc.)

At some point in the not-too-distant future, we will stop releasing betas and Xway will become a paid-for application (with discounts for Freeway users).

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Any teasers about what the next release will do?

Hi Bert,

Completed (definitely in next release):

  • Display and Visibility properties
  • Maximum width and maximum height fields for dynamic styles
  • Dynamic target styles can be used for popups and collapsible sections etc.

In progress (hopefully in next release):

  • Lists
  • Upload

Thanks for that. Does that include the ability to customize the names of styles menus in any way? Or to add additional styles and create character styles for text?

No, naming styles isn’t in the next release.

With upcoming versions, 1) will there be the ability to use tables or something comparable, and 2) will we be able to import freeway pages?


Hi Daniel,

Tables and Freeway import are on our to-do list.

Is there any plan to make it possible to import sites made by another web application like RapidWeaver as well as by Freeway? I loved Freeway, but when I became a refugee I went to RW. I want to return to Xway as it is a pleasure to use compared to RW.

Hi Harold,

That would involve some kind of HTML import, and it’s possible that we will do that at some point in the future, but there are other things we need to do first.

It’s possible to import sites manually into Xway, essentially by copying and pasting content from a browser. There is an appendix in the Xway User Guide that deals with this.

Thank you Jeremy and thanks for the great User guide and Tutorial.