What thoughts do you have regarding Xway and AI?

AI is all the buzz right now. It is both amazing and scary at the same time. Ted Chiang reminds us that AI isn’t conscious and should have been labelled ‘Applied Statistics’. The cat is out of the bag, and whatever we think or feel about AI, we will have to find a way to live with it. If we are smart, AI will serve us, rather than hurt us.
In relation to Xway, I wonder whether Softpress’ further development is at risk with the capabilities of AI or whether AI is a useful tool that can or will be rolled into assisting us build useful websites? I am sure you guys have given it some thought. Would love to know what you are thinking.

For a long time everybody in the computer industry knew roughly what AI
was, or would be. No-one had any idea how to do it. Then Microsoft did
what they’re good at and re-defined AI to mean something they could do
and said they could do it. Only those of us who are old enough know what
AI really meant and that it is not really achievable without huge
advances in the direction of neural networks.


The other web authoring program I use has a thing called “AI Assistant”: “It knows how to create and transform HTML code, how to manipulate content, come up with CSS styling, make the code accessible, give advice and much more.” According to the instructions, you can speak to it, asking it to make an image rounded, insert a button, change the colour of the aforesaid button. To be honest, I have no use for it. I would want to ask first, “And how exactly do you propose to do that?” No doubt something of the sort will eventually go into XWay. I don’t see AI as a threat to XWay or Softpress.