Wrap text around an image

Hi Jeremy

Many thanks for all your hard work on Xway. I have been using Freeway for some time and find it easy to use to get the appearance I want without any (or much) knowledge of html. I have several pages where there is an image on the right hand side and some text that wraps around the left side and bottom of the image. This then scales nicely for different sized devices. Is this possible in Xway yet? And if not do you have plans to implement this facility?

Best Regards

Hi Adrian,

Xway doesn’t yet support floated images (directly), although you can do this by using extended style properties:

  1. Select an image
  2. Open the Extended Properties section in the Box Inspector
  3. Click on the Plus button
  4. Type “float” in the Name field and “left” in the Value field
  5. Press OK

We plan to support this more directly in future versions.


Excellent Jeremy, thank you for your help.