Www.sipgrinder.com video not buffering fast enough

My videos are not buffering fast enough causing it to pause. The video on the home page will play until it gets to a specific point in the video with lots of motion, shapes and colors and it will pause until the buffering catches up. I have 3 pages with hi res videos and this worked fine when I only had two pages of hi-res videos but started the pauses when I added the 3 page. I still have the pauses on the third page (index page) even after I deleted the second page.
I am also checking with my web hosting service. Using Xway 0.8.2b8

Hi Mark,

One thing I notice is that the file size of the home page video is very large (1.6 GB). Can you re-save it with greater compression and/or lower resolution?

Someone who works with videos may be able to give you more detailed advice.

Hi Jeremy,
The file has already been compressed. Through the process of elimination, I determined that the problem was either with version 0.8b or my web hosting. They just confirmed that they are not able to host hi-res videos so that eliminates Xway as the problem, which I love by the way. I was able to make it work using YouTube and an iframe but I don’t like all the extra junk YouTube adds to the screen. Going to try a lower resolution to see if there is much loss of quality. We are very proud of these videos and want the viewers to have the best experience with them.
Thanks for the quick response,

You could also look into Vimeo as an alternative to YouTube. Xway supports both.

Thanks for all the help. We replaced 4K with 1080p and the video creator is the only one who can tell the difference. Can’t wait till I can pay you for this software, I am loving it.

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