X-Way web site does not appear in Google

Hi. I did awrything according to X-Way guide and Google guide and my web site does not appear in Google search engine at all.
Can youhelp me please what i did wrong?

Here is wen site: https://истинная-любовь.рф


It can take a few days for search engines to list new sites.

Other things that can make a difference: include relevant text on the page, use a page title that describes the content, and add appropriate meta tags (see the Meta Tags chapter in the Xway User Guide).

I also noticed that language of your web site is set to English, but the web address is Russian, and the title of the page is in a different script that I don’t recognise.


I did awrything about half year ago so i think it is anought time.

Web site adress is in Russian.

Titles of pages are set in Antient Slavonic Language. :wink:

My web site is about love and i want when people search for word love or любовь they go to my web site.
But Google does snot sees my web site at all even if i write direct web adress which is истинная-любовь.рф!!!

I set Meta Tags in English and Russian.
Here is front page

Meta Tags

About true love О истинной любови

Please suggest me and help me what i do wrong?!!Снимок экрана 2021-07-27 в 15.15.32.png


The title of a page is one of the things that search engines use in deciding on the page’s relevance. It’s possible that you are confusing them by using Ancient Slavonic. Perhaps it would help to add a Russian translation.

You can change the language of your page to Russian (if appropriate) using the Language popup in the Document (or Page) Inspector.

You have a meta tag named “true-love-”. This won’t be recognised by search engines (it’s not a recognised name). You should rename it to “description”: in Xway, double-click on “true-love-” in the Meta Tags section of the Document (or Page) Inspector and change it to “description” (without quotes).

It might also help if you added some text information about your website on the home page. But don’t use hidden text (e.g. black on black) - search engines tend to penalise sites that do this.


Thank you. I want to keep my web site as mystic as possible so i do not want to use any modern languages. So i must find a nit way to make search engines to reconise my web site while there are no modern languages are visible to the end user. :wink:
If there are any other suggestions to help me with this web site please lt me know!!! :wink:

I found Google instantly on first position searches my web site by word Ⰾ̑ⰣⰁⰑⰂ̑Ⱐ̑ which is title description of first page.
How ever not all people might know Antient Slavonic language to propertly write that down in Google search engine.
So i want to make Google to look for word “love” so it redirects to my web site
How ever i do not want to to use any modern languages on my web site ibecause i do not want to ruin mistical the spirit of my web site.

So the question is: how ask Google to make it show my web site by word"love" while title description of my web site will stays “Ⰾ̑ⰣⰁⰑⰂ̑Ⱐ̑” ?

You could add translations of Ⰾ̑ⰣⰁⰑⰂ̑Ⱐ̑ in your “description” meta tag. This will be read by search engines, but will not be seen by visitors unless they view the HTML source. You can also add any other words or phrases that you think describe your site (e.g. “true love”, “ancient mysticism”) - up to a limit of around 160 words.


Those suggestions are very good ones, but really, what you’re hoping for is just not going to happen. I’m going to be the bearer of bad news I’m afraid…

Google (and other search engines) index the readable text in a site and rank it according to a host of different criteria. But the bottom line is a site will only be returned in search results if the search engine things it is a very good ‘fit’ for what has been searched for. The word ‘love’ is so ubiquitous and generic that a search for it returns literally 8.6 billion results. You could inch your site up the results list a bit if you worked really hard on the above suggestions and in particular concentrated on making sure you have a good amount of relevant text – in English, if you’re hoping for results in English-language searches – for the search engine(s) to index. But aiming to be found for such a generic single word is, I’m afraid, unrealistic.

You should reassess your aims. There are rather a lot of different reasons someone might include the word ‘love’ in their search term, almost all of which wouldn’t be relevant. Try this very basic thing: type “love” into the Google search field and look at what the auto-completion suggestions are. These will vary from person to person as Google will try to tailor itself to your general interests, but here’s what I get:

  • Love Island
  • love island 2021
  • love island twitter
  • love holidays
  • love island news
  • Love and Monsters
  • love island cast amor
  • love island 2021 cast
  • Love Your Garden
  • love island postcard
    Personally I detest the TV show Love Island; I’d honestly rather watch a blank wall. But it’s clearly very popular; it appears in suggestions even though I have never in my life expressed any interest in it (and haven’t even typed the name online until now). But the real point is that the ONLY way you can hope to do well in searches is to understand the things your actual target audience are likely to search for and then make sure your pages are absolutely full of well-crafted, human and machine-readable text that is relevant and authoritative in that area. Then Google (etc.) will be more likely to suggest your site when someone makes such a search. Unfortunately, having content that is mostly in Ancient Slavonic will do the very opposite.


Thank Jeremy you that is great suggestion!!

People are visiting piramids and other antient things and there are no English or any other modern languages there, so is my web site.
People wants to see something boyond there daily life and want to see other realms and this is my web site.

There is no web site which covers topic of love so my web site pretty unquie.
I have no finansial support so awrything goes pretty cheap but even right now it is something intrestin’.

I see there are some huge difuculties to make my wb site to apear on Google on first page but i am looking for solutions to make that.
Jesus Christ said: All doors always will open to awrybody who knocks those doors.

Maybe i will get in to friendship with Google owner and they will post my web site on the first page of Google. lol

Hi Jeremy.
Can you briefly cheak if i did awrything correct please?


I see you've added some words and phrases to the description meta tag, which is correct. You can add more words and phrases here if you wish.


Huge thank ü!