Xway 0.8.1 (b8)

We’ve released an update to b8 (0.8.1) which fixes a crash that could occur when adding a span or link. You can download it from our website (click on the Download the Xway beta now link).

That did it, it works. A huge “Thank you” for quick feedback.

I just can’t get this to work. Not b8, nor the update. All’s fine until I ‘export’. Then I get a blurred screen (pic attached) and the whole Mac struggles. I had to force quit xway even to type this message.
I need to be able to access the original site folder so I can update my sites, failing that, can I get

back to b7?


Hi Geoff,

That looks like a macOS file dialog. My guess is that your Mac is running low on memory. Try running Activity Monitor (in Applications/Utilities), and switch to the Memory tab, then look at the Memory Pressure chart at the bottom. If this is amber or red, try quitting any applications that don’t need to be running: if you sort by the Memory column, you can see which applications are using the most memory. Web browsers can use a lot of memory if you have a lot of tabs open.

What version of macOS are you running?