Xway b2.3 is here

We’ve just released Xway b2.3.

This contains a single bug fix:

  • Xway runs on macOS 11 Big Sur
    You can download b2.3 from our website (click on “Download the Xway beta now” on the Xway page).

Impressive. :slight_smile:

Cool. Quick response to the bug chaps / chapesses

Downloaded b2.3 tonight and installed on MacOS 10.13.6.
Worked through the tutorial materials.
Xway would neither publish sites or preview pages.
Deleted the app and reinstalled. Same results with no publish or preview.

Hi Michael,

Xway should run on 10.13.6 (High Sierra), but we haven’t tested it on High Sierra recently.

I’ll start up an old computer and see what is happening.


I don’t have any problems running b2.3 in 10.13.6: previewing and publishing both work fine for me.

What do you see at the bottom of the File menu?

There should be three menu commands:



Show Site Folder…

Show Site Folder may be disabled if you haven’t yet published (there isn’t a Site folder yet).

Publish should always be enabled, so long as there is at least one page in the document that isn’t set to not publish.

Preview should always be enabled so long as the current page isn’t set to not publish.

If Publish or Preview are disabled, check that the Publish checkbox isn’t turned off in the Page Inspector. The tutorial suggests that you turn off Publish for the Template page after you’ve completed it, but it should be turned on for other pages.