Xway b4

We have just released Xway b4, the latest version of our next-generation program for visual web design.

You can download it from our web site: Xway

Xway includes a detailed reference manual, which you can access by choosing “Xway User Guide” from the Help menu. This also includes an appendix with a list of new features and cross-references to documentation in the user guide — this is a good place to start if you’re upgrading from a previous beta version. If you’re new to Xway, a good place to start is the introduction to the user guide, and the Xway tutorial (see below).

There is also a step-by-step tutorial and two sample documents (created from the tutorial). These are available from our website: click on “Xway Resources” in the Help menu. We revised the tutorial and sample documents for b4.

New features- Dynamic styles (for rollover effects)

  • Links can be applied to container boxes
  • Links that are applied to boxes are copied/moved with their boxes
  • You can insert a line break by typing Control-Return or by choosing Line Break from the Insert menu
  • You can insert a non-breaking space by typing Option-Space or by choosing Non-Breaking Space from the Insert menu
  • Subscripts and superscripts
  • Previews are drawn for component boxes
  • It is easier to locate missing resources
  • Iframe boxes that contain YouTube and Vimeo videos can be adjusted to fit their content
  • Display size can be set for markup and component boxes
  • Keyboard shortcuts for switching between the Page view, Web view, and HTML view
  • The Link Inspector displays a Content section for resource links
  • The Box Inspector displays a Content section for markup files
  • The Text menu has been replaced by a Format menu (containing the same items)
  • The Page and Item menus have been removed, and items that were previously in the Page menu have been redistributed
  • Pages in the Site panel default to being closed when a document is opened, except for the current page
  • Home/End (fn← / fn→) scroll to the top/bottom of the page
  • Xway runs natively on Intel or Apple Silicon

Bug fixes and improvements, including:- Fixed a problem that caused images to be missing in the Web view if a page is in a subfolder

  • Fixed undo problems affecting markup text views
  • Fixed a problem that caused some outputID values to be wrongly substituted in component CSS files
  • General improvements to YouTube video previews
  • YouTube video previews display an error message if the video cannot be embedded
  • The toolbar appearance has been improved for Big Sur