Xway b6 is here!

Xway b6 is here!

We have just released Xway b6, the latest version of our next-generation program for visual web design.

You can download it from our website.


Xway includes a detailed reference manual, which you can access by choosing Xway User Guide from Xway’s Help menu. This also includes an appendix with a list of new features and cross-references to documentation in the user guide — this is a good place to start if you’re upgrading from a previous beta version. If you’re new to Xway, a good place to start is the introduction to the user guide, and the introductory tutorial (see below).


We’ve updated the Xway Tutorial for b6. This is a step-by-step guide for creating a website with Xway. We’ve also added the Xway Menu Tutorial, which is a step-by-step guide on using navigation menus in Xway. These are available from our website: click on Xway Resources in Xway’s Help menu.

Sample documents

There are four sample documents that you can download from our website: Ambient, Ambient Light, Ambient (with menu) and Ambient Light (with menu). These were created using the Xway Tutorial and Xway Menu Tutorial.

New features

  • Navigation menus
  • Support for SVG graphics
  • Full support for fixed-position boxes in the Page view
  • Web and HTML views are no longer disabled for master pages (Xway switches temporarily to the first site page that derives from this master). Similarly, Preview in the File menu is no longer disabled for master pages (Xway previews the first site page)
  • The Enter key (on extended keyboards) can be used as an alternative to Command-Return to begin or end editing.

Bug fixes, including:

  • Deleted folders are removed from the Site folder
  • Reload Page (View menu) is more reliable when reloading the Web view

Thanks for the work guys, just downloaded its nd looking forward to playing over the coming weeks.