Xway preferences

I’ve noticed that the Preferences menu is unavailable. Is this intentional? I’m trying to find a way of preventing Xway opening all my recent site files when I open the software. When I try to close the unwanted files, it asks me to save or revert. Doing either takes forever with the dreaded ‘wheel of death’ spinning and the Force Quit Applications box saying Xway isn’t responding.

Hi Geoff,

We haven’t added any application preferences yet.

There are some system preferences that control the behaviour of applications when quitting or closing documents. These are in System Settings > Desktop & Dock > Windows. I normally have Ask to keep changes when closing documents and Close windows when quitting an application turned on. If windows are closed when quitting, they won’t automatically reopen next time you start an application. You can also start an application without automatically opening windows by holding down the Shift key as it starts.

It’s a good idea to save changes, if you don’t want them to be lost. If you do want them to be discarded, Revert is the right option.