Xway Pronunciation

I’ve been kicking the tires of Xway for a few versions now, and I like it so far. I haven’t yet seen (or found in a search) how you pronounce Xway. Would just like to get it right as I recommend it to other people.

Is Xway pronounced;

Ex - way
Cross - way
Ten - way

Or maybe there is a silent X, ha, ha! and it just becomes ‘way’.
Or is it a name for the beta version which will in time become something else?

Was just wondering. Won’t stop me using it. Thanks.

It’s pronounced “ex”, but it started as a symbol for “next (Free)way” or “beyond (Free)way”.

I thought it was pronounced “Twitter-way” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :upside_down_face:

We didn’t know Elon would rename Twitter after us.

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Xway (ex-way) it is then! Thanks for the clarification. :smiley: