[xway-talk] Xway b2.3 is here

Hi, Jeremy!
I spent some time searching last night. With the ‘Show Site’ command, I was able to locate the folder where Xway published. But this folder is not visible to my MacOS system. It doesn’t show up in my folder structure at all. Xway can show it to me, but I cannot navigate directly to it.

I believe because the folder is not visible to my system is why it doesn’t preview in browser.

I have the three commands for ‘Publish…’, ‘Preview…’, and ‘Show site…’ at the bottom of File menu.


Hi Michael,

The Site folder is inside the document package - but that doesn’t matter as far as the browser is concerned. A package is a kind of folder that looks like a single file, but actually contains a number of different files. You can open a package within the Finder by Control- (or Right-) clicking on it and selecting “Show Package Contents”. But you should generally be careful about doing this. Xway will republish what is inside the Site folder if you accidentally delete any files that are there, but you can damage the document if you delete files that are anywhere else within the document package.

(Another example of a package is Xway itself. If you select “Xway User Guide” from the Help menu, Xway will open the user guide in Preview.app. You won’t find it in the Finder, unless you choose “Show Package Contents”, but Preview.app doesn’t care.)

When you have the document open in Xway, and you see those three commands at the bottom of the File menu, are they enabled or disabled? If Preview or Publish is disabled, look at the Page Inspector and check to see if the Publish checkbox is turned on. It should be turned off for the Template page, but turned on for other pages. (You can turn it on for the Template page if you want to preview that, but the tutorial suggests that you turn it off after creating it because it’s just a template rather than an actual page that you want to publish.)