Youtube videos not loading

Hello, Its been a while since I’ve engaged with the support forums.
Been trying out Xway with a view to progressing my understanding so that I can begin the rebuild of some Freeway 7 sites in xway.

However one current issue with a Freeway 7 site is that the youtube videos on a page are no longer loading.
The page is here: Footage & Recordings

This has only occurred recently. The hosting company can’t see anything though they are of course unfamiliar with the Freeway structure.

Anyone any insights at all? Hope its not something really obvious that I’m missing!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Tonzodehoo,

What has happened is that your page is now hosted via https (secure), but the YouTube links are still http (insecure). Secure pages are not allowed to load insecure links, so the YouTube links aren’t working.

Does the YouTube Action you are using allow you to change the links from http to https?

Xway has built-in support for iframes (and YouTube).

Hello Jeremy,

many thanks for taking the time to respond.
You are of course correct. All the sites I manage were updated to https.
I attach a screenshot of the action I have been using. I don’t see any option for the https edit.
Is there a work round or another action that would do the same job and allow the videos to load and play?

Thanks again.

There is an updated YouTube Action which fixes this problem.

I have never tested it for this purpose, but try adding to the page and see if it picks up that link. I no longer have a working Freeway setup, so I can’t test it for you.


This issue (insecure http links) may also affect other Actions. You can download updated versions of these Actions from here.

Hello again Jeremy,

Thanks for pointing that out. Really should have checked that out. Hadn’t realised that there was an update. Will need to check through a few more actions.

Problem solved. Really appreciate your insight as ever.

Many many thanks.

Hello Walter,

I shall bare that in mind for any future issues. Its not an action I’ve ever used though its one of many I have installed and never used.

Thanks for your time and best wishes.