Adding PHP to X-way


Just revisiting the latest Beta for Freeway and having a look around to refresh myself.

Whats the plans to be able to insert php into X-way? Using Freeway7 I was totally reliant on Walters Crowbar Action to insert php without surrounding p tags or divs.

I can see that PHP could be inserted in extended values. But what about the on the page itself. What’s the plans if any for that?

David Owen

Hi David,

There are two ways you can insert PHP:

  1. Use the Generic Markup section in the Page (or Document) Inspector to insert markup before/after (same as Page Markup in Freeway).
  2. Use a Markup item. In contrast to Freeway, Xway markup items do not add any surrounding div or p elements — unless they are marked as Inline by selecting the Inline checkbox (inline markup items are embedded in a p element).