Freeway problem with PHP Feedback Form

This is message from the website after submitting data in the PHP Feedback Form, any ideas??

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function split() in /homepages/9/d495878162/htdocs/shirefolkcontact-go1.php:16 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/9/d495878162/htdocs/shirefolkcontact-go1.php(155): domain_exists(‘REMOVED_EMAIL’) #1 {main} thrown in /homepages/9/d495878162/htdocs/shirefolkcontact-go1.php on line 16

Your version of PHP is probably too new for this script to work. The split function was deprecated and then removed from the language. There are replacement methods available, but the Action doesn’t know about them.

As a short term fix, try using the built-in Action for sending form data. Check the manual for details.


Actually, I just dug into an ancient copy of the Action that Tim Plumb sent me years ago, and the only split() references are in the JavaScript parts of the Action, not the PHP that it generates. If you want to send me a copy of the contact-go1.php file from your site folder, I can look in that at the generated PHP, to see if the JavaScript ended up in your PHP by any chance. But that doesn’t look possible if I’m reading the code correctly.

You should still definitely look into upgrading to a more modern form handler Action. The Send Form Action (built into Freeway 7) is written in a much more modern version of PHP, and is less likely to throw these kinds of errors. It is also much more likely to work at all on a modern-ish (> PHP 4.2) server. The PHP Feedback Form Action was written back when it was still fairly common to see some version of PHP 3 running on a server. The current version is 8.2.


One last thing to check. Use a plain-text editor (not Microsoft Word or another word processor) to create a file with this content:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Name that file something cryptic that ends in .php, like asdfsdaf.php, and use an SFTP application to upload it into the same server as your form. When you visit that “page” in a browser by typing in your.domain/asdfsdaf.php or whatever, you should see a very tall page with way more information about your server than you could ever want to know. The major thing you want to get out of that is the exact version of the language that you’re currently using on your server. Knowing that, the rest of this will get a lot easier to diagnose.

Delete that file from your server the moment you are done debugging. That information (however unlikely someone is to find it by name) is gold to a hacker.


Thanks Walter, the manual suggests following a video tutorial on the Softpress website Tutorials “Send Form Action (Freeway 6)”, but I don’t get anything when pressing the image. The top 6 are all like this but the "Older"ones at the bottom have the right pointing arrow to play the videos.

The manual

I’m now returning to this nitty little problem.

I thought, as this is just a simple 3-4 page holding site while decisions are made about it’s future, that I’d use Xway to start to get to grips with it …

Well I’m glad I checked the progress and found Form are not yet implemented, so I’m back here.

I looked at the help pages for Freeway and it seems to have a number of conflicting pieces of advice on how too set it up.

I went to the Video tutorials and found this one " Using the Send Form Action (Freeway 6)" but there is not video connected to the image!

I’ve now got a copy of the Reference Manual and will follow the instructions in there on pages 198–209.

That is unless anyone has better suggestions, for a novice coder!!!

Hi Peter,

You can access the video tutorials on YouTube.

Another option (in Freeway and Xway) is to use an online form builder.

Hi Jeremy,

I’ve found a lot of options online, would you mind suggesting a good one to start with please?

There have been some discussions in Xway Talk: here and here.

Walter knows more about forms than I do!

So I have now setup to use the Freeway inbuilt “Send Form” Action.

But it now appear to take the form but ends in a blank screen it does not give an error or continue to the Success or Error pages and nothing is sent to me.

The contact form is on here: http://shire

Hi Peter,

I had problems following your link, because there seems to be an unwanted space between “shire” and “folk”. I think the correct link is:

I tried filling in the contact form, and it took me to, which was blank (as you say).

There are some instructions here on how to use the Send Form Action. Are there any steps that you might have missed?

Getting forms to work reliably is also an increasingly difficult task, because of anti-spam measures, as @waltd has noted.

Hi Jeremy,

I created the form from scratch and AFAIK I followed the complete instructions.

The form is pretty straightforward, I’ll have a fresh look at it and try re-uploading it.

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I think re-uploading may be the key.

The result page URL (ending in -go1.php) indicates that the form is still using the PHP Feedback Form Action.

I’ve moved the contact form php page into a contact folder and removed all the old pdf pages.

This is the setup of “Send Form”

Otherwise I don’t know where to go from here???

Hi Peter,

We think you’re running into a PHP-compatibility problem, but we’re hoping to release a new version of the Send Form Action that will fix this!

You can download the updated Action (Form Suite.fwactionb) with support for PHP 8 from the knowledge base article: Built-in Action Updates - Freeway - Softpress Talk

It’s likely your web host is using PHP 8 which Send Form didn’t support, so installing the new version of the Action should solve this.

Hi Simon,

Many thanks, all working now and it was the PHP having been updated to 8.1.

Now working sweetly ;~}}

Cheers Peter

One question the messages appear to come from :

Can this be changed??

In the settings for the Send Form Action, one of the fields is for the from address, you can set that to the email address you want the emails to come from.

Do note however that what will work here depends a lot on the configuration for your web hosting, the DNS configuration for the domain you want to use and the configuration of the email provider you are sending the form to.

For example, you won’t be able to send from an address because Google DNS won’t allow sending emails from your server and your email provider will almost certainly reject the emails for that reason.

If you want to send from the domain of your website, you may need to add SPF records to your DNS which your hosting provider or DNS provider may be able to help you with. There is some information on that here: Using IONOS SPF to Improve Email Delivery - IONOS Help

Probably the value you will want is “v=spf1 a mx ~all” but your host may give you the correct value to use.