Will xway work with Expression ENgine as it did in version Freeway 5.5

Will Xway work with Expression Engine as it did in version Freeway 5.5. I recently rebuilt my site and really dumbed it down html wise in Freeway 5.5. At some point I will need a new computer and I think the only way to move forward is to move to xway if possible. The site is digital-watch.com. Thank you for any guidance as its all quite daunting, although Ive just moved a 19GB Freeway/EE site to UK servers which was pretty terrifying. Thank you Adam

Since Xway doesn’t support actions like Freeway did, you’d have to code EE into your site by hand. You could use your old site as your template and enter in the EE code so long as Xway allows you to enter code in the same kinds of places. You’d also have to put the generated files in the same folder structure for EE to see them.

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Thanks Joe, Im a bit better with EE now so I know how to use the tags and write my own. Would you be able to add tags to the start and the end of a box? Im asking without even looking at xway, just dipping my toes in the water to see whats possible. I really dont want to move away from Freeway.(Softpress) . regards


I think you could use markup items to do this.

What tags are you wanting to add, though? I’m wondering if we could provide an easier way to do this.

Difficult without showing the Freeway file Jeremy but this at the moment is in the site using crowbar, but I do also use some tags and the old EE action which I could work around. The sites only around twenty pages, and a few of those are replicated for search results. thank you Adam

{exp:channel:entries status=“open|libraryonly|collection” limit=“9” channel=“lcdwatches” entry_id=“<?php $history = $_COOKIE['myHistory']; echo $history; ?>” fixed_order=“<?php $history = $_COOKIE['myHistory']; echo $history; ?>” dynamic=“no” sort=“desc” disable=“categories|member_data|trackbacks”}

{if entry_id > 3464}
{gallery limit=“1”}<a href=“{path=“DWL/1work/{url_title}”}”>{maker}-{modelnumber}{/gallery}
{exp:query sql=“SELECT filename, extension FROM exp_gallery_entries WHERE gx_related_id = {entry_id} LIMIT 1”}<a href=“{path=“DWL/1work/{url_title}”}”>{maker}-{modelnumber}{/exp:query}
{if {count} == “3”}
{if {count} == “6”}
{if {count} == “9”}
{if {count} == “12”}
{if {count} == “15”}


The last few times that we discussed Crowbar here, I believe that Jeremy explained that Xway’s markup tool is significantly better than Freeway’s, to the point that it may not be needed at all.

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Xway doesn’t wrap markup items in paragraphs etc., unless it is marked as inline content (using the Inline checkbox in the Insert Markup dialog or Box Inspector). I mentioned this in an earlier post about adding PHP within Xway.

Something that we have considered adding to Xway is a way of adding markup at the start/end of a container box via a markup section in the Box Inspector. This would be similar to the Generic Markup section in the Page Inspector (which is equivalent to HTML Markup in Freeway’s Page menu). This might be used to add markup after the start tag and/or before the end tag of a container box (e.g. After <tag> and Before </tag>). Alternatively, if it is also useful to add markup outside a container box, we could have: Before <tag>, After <tag>, Before </tag>, and After </tag>. This avoids the visual clutter of using markup items (which are still useful if you need to insert markup in other places).

Thank you Jeremy & Walter

I think what i’ll do is download Xway and have a play around, using the code generated by Xway and using test pages it in my EE site. I hope I can get it to work, they work so well together, especially version 7 of EE. Im sure I’ll have more questions. adam

Something I’d recommend is to work through the introductory Xway Tutorial before you create test pages. One of the differences between Xway and Freeway is that Xway is designed to create flexible websites that adjust to different devices (computers, tablets, phones). If you want boxes to display side by side on wider devices, you can use flexbox layout to do that. Freeway doesn’t support flexbox layout, but there is a separate Xway Flexbox Tutorial which deals with this.