Writing Actions for Freeway

Writing Actions (plug-ins for Freeway) is often the best way to add your own content to your Freeway generated pages. For example, if you want to change what Freeway is outputting, or add tags or attributes to your page that you can’t add through Freeway’s interface, then writing an Action to add the content is the way to go.

If you were to just add the content to the HTML file once it has been published, Freeway will simply overwrite it the next time you publish. It does this because it sees a difference between the two files thinking the modified one is older than the current internal version of the page.

The attached documentation discusses how to go about writing Actions, what they are, why you would want to write them, how to apply them, and the basic functions and properties that they have.

The documents are mostly complete but there are some new functions that have been added to the API more recently that have not been included.

WritingActions.zip (1.2 MB)