Exhibeo 2 Release Notes

Exhibeo 2.0.12
Exhibeo 2.0.11
Exhibeo 2.0.10
Exhibeo 2.0.9
Exhibeo 2.0.8
Exhibeo 2.0.7
Exhibeo 2.0.6
Exhibeo 2.0.5
Exhibeo 2.0.4

Exhibeo 2.0.3

Exhibeo 2.0.3

  • Fixed an issue that made Showtime thumbs unclickable in certain circumstances
  • Showtime controls work correctly when thumbnails are turned off
  • Images in Showtime are no longer stretched in Firefox
  • Images in Showtime correctly scale to the size of the browser window in Chrome and Firefox
  • Show in Finder menu items are correctly enabled in the Images view
  • Turning off thumbnails in Showtime correctly updates the preview
  • Adjusted internal z-indexes in Thumblie to ensure the overlay will be on top of other page content
  • Rotation menu items are correctly enabled in the Images view
  • Showtime captions now show on page load
  • Fixed an issue that caused the close button and counter in Thumblie to appear behind the image
  • Showtime height now matches content and can also be fixed to a specified height
Exhibeo 2.0


  • Slide transition animations are reversed when navigating backwards
  • Bloxx's initial thumbnail is now responsive
  • Focus's initial thumbnail is now responsive
  • Add options to Bloxx for changing thumbnail border size/color and large image border size
  • Add options to Slide for turning off and autohiding captions
  • Add options for more controls in Slide exports
  • While cropping a thumbnail or large image, it is now possible to use the arrow keys to switch image without exiting cropping
  • The crop size can be locked by holding Command+Shift, allowing the offset and scale to be changed without affecting crop size
  • The crop aspect ratio can be locked by holding Option+Shift, allowing the offset and scale to be changed without affecting crop aspect ratio
  • Add the ability to scale and trim images and thumbnails for themes that use it
  • Added the ability to match all thumbnail sizes to that of a selected thumbnail
  • Added the ability to save an archive of a document, collecting the images and document together
  • Add Scale and Trim to Slide as an option, which new documents default to
  • Add option to create thumbnail-only galleries with Bloxx and Thumblie
  • A serial number may now be entered at any point after running the application
  • Added the PhotoSwipe theme
  • Create a Document Settings section for settings that apply to all themes
  • Add a document setting for opening links in a new window
  • Add a document setting for HTML ID to allow multiple galleries to be used alongside each other more easily
  • Allow pass-through for imported images
  • Optionally remove geolocation from images when using pass-through
  • Add menu options for importing filename or image metadata into item titles/descriptions
  • Add options to disable Bloxx titles and/or captions
  • Added new transitions Ken Burns Effect, Parallax, and Step to Slide
  • Added touch controls to Slide
  • Added a list view for easy editing of metadata
  • Add a toolbar for basic functions
  • Fixed a spacing issue with captions in Slide
  • The Non-App Store version of Exhibeo is now able to import read-only images correctly
  • Carriage returns/newlines will now be dealt with properly for descriptions and can be typed into the description field
  • Link URLs that are partially encoded or not encoded will now be properly encoded for export
  • Made Focus theme's controls sharper on retina screens
  • Fixed an issue which could allow the Preview panel to be seen after resizing the window with the Images view shown
  • Fixed a problem that would cause link URLs not to be saved if containing spaces
  • Fixed Showtime thumbs at smaller screen sizes
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Show Thumbnails option being saved in the document
  • Increased width of Slide "Titles & Captions" Position menu
  • Fixed local preview in Focus
  • The Fold transition in Slide now works correctly across all modern browsers
  • Showtime images now respect height of container item
  • Bloxx thumbnail titles no longer get cut off when thumbs have rounded corners
  • Bloxx header text now stays vertically centered in header when resized
  • Document save panel now correctly records its last location for use with subsequent saves
  • Fixed an issues with thumbnails not displaying properly during a drag on Retina screens
  • Fixed an issue with the controls disappearing if resizing the window while cropping a thumbnail
  • Fixed an issue that could cause thumbnails to not appear during a drag after moving the window from one screen to another
  • Pasted images, e.g. those originating from a web browser, no longer appear as importable while dragging
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Slide documents to be immediately edited when opened
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the correct cursor being shown over theme settings headers
  • The large image is now shown in a way similar to thumbnail cropping
  • Moved the title, description and hyperlink to a popover that can be shown in Images view.
  • Find images relative to the document, allowing documents to be used across different machines
  • Move the Image Behavior in Browser setting to the Document Settings section
  • Added Shift+Return shortcut for thumbnail cropping in thumbnail view
  • Made the HTML embed code in themes simpler
  • Restored shorter animation times from early versions of Exhibeo
  • Increased the minimum system version to 10.10
  • The Previous/Next Thumbnail/Image menu items and shortcuts have been removed with arrow keys allowing free movement while cropping
  • The Import Images and Export to HTML shortcuts have been changed to cmd+shift+i and cmd+shift+e respectively
  • Changed the selection behaviour of the images view when holding shift and using the arrow keys to be consistent with the metadata view